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About us

Hello Queen! 
   Sade Glamour Online Boutique is founded by self taught Fashion Designer Sade Glamour. Starting off in the fashion industry as a runway model Sade Glamour gained a huge interest in Fashion & Design. In the year of 2010 I created my first line of handbags. I then moved on to creating a line of swimsuits. With already knowing other industry execs I was asked to showcase my swimwear and handbag line as a collection in their fashion shows, that I was also modeling in at the time. Acting as the model AND the designer was the most exciting job that I've ever done at the time. 
   With such great feedback from family, friend's and public spectators I grew a stronger and stronger interest to keep going in the industry. Furthering my knowledge, I put together some of the most beautiful collections to date. I showcased my clothing line in self produced fashion shows (my very own fashion shows) made appearances in other show producers fashion shows and events, NYC nightclub clubs, woman's events, general public events and so much more. Everything was custom made and fabulous.
   Fast forward to today, I bring fourth to you Sade Glamour Online Boutique. Every woman deserves to look and feel like a movie star. Sade Glamour Boutique is here for your needs and wants, serving custom made garments (as per request) & ready to wear boutique items for Queens around the world. Every piece in my boutique is carefully hand picked and chosen with a "Queen" in mind. Choosing pieces that make a statement, for the working and on the go woman, boss babe & entrepreneur like myself, I made sure to include pieces in my boutique that is fabulous, stunning and fit for a QUEEN!
Thank you for your interest in shopping with us.