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Self care!

Self care!


Hello Luvs,

     Thank You for coming to hangout with us and take the time to read or blog page. We wanted to take this time to remind all of you, hard working women to make time for "SELF CARE." Self care/love is so important that without it you can begin to feel worrisome, tired, stressed etc more than often. Us as women live busy lives. Whether it be working a 9-5 and then going home to work on your personal brand we need energy to do so. Whether it may be working on your entrepreneurial job during the day and then going home to complete school work because you have decided to further your education, we need energy and a clear mind to do that also. Whether it be working all day long and getting off work to go home to tend to children , family a second job or simply figure of what you can quickly put together for dinner that will be tasty, because you're tired but you know that you and everyone else in the house has to eat, a lot of energy is needed for that too..

     All that we do to keep things moving as smoothly as possible is what stays on our minds on a daily basis. Taking just 5-10 mins in the morning when you first wake up to pray, breathe and focus your mind while just listening to your inner voice is beneficial to you and those around you. So grab you some "me time" and continue to flourish my darling. Do not stress over what you can change and work on what you can change. There is only one you! Love on yourself more than you ever have before. In the midst of your self care/love sending yourself a beautiful bouquet of roses or flowers something that you an do to spoil YOU!

Because you deserve it


Sade Glamour
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