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Mindset FriYay!!!!!!!!

Mindset Fri-Yay!
With Sade Glamour
Happy FriYay guys!!!!!!!!

   It is the start of another beautiful weekend. Whether the 🌞sun is out shinning where you live or even if it’s ☔️ raining, make this weekend one to remember and one to be grateful for. Today I wanted to touch base on re-setting your MINDSET. Did you know that what you think about is what you start to believe? If you think about bad things all the time how can anything good ever go right for you in your life?

   When you put pressure on thinking about every single good thing that you want to happen in your life, you will eventually end up working towards that because it is constantly on your mind. No, it is not as easy as it sounds but in a world that is so corrupt practicing a positive mindset will make your life a lot more beautiful, calm and peaceful inside and out. You’ll start to look at people differently. Some of the same people that you use to look at with such disgrace. Your actions and response to different situations that occur will be handled differently.

   It is so important for us to have control over the human being that we are. Not just control over what we do and why we do it but control over the thoughts that lead up to the decisions that we make. Take control of your life, mind body and spirit. Don’t be afraid to let people in your space who are in a “good space.” Let’s take this weekend to reflect on what we actually think about on a daily basis. No matter what actions take place this weekend that are done by you or someone else around you, turn it into a positive. If it is something already positive then enforce that positivity and ask yourself, what about that situation was so good. How did it make you feel and why? Continue on with this challenging and change your mindset for good.


Change your MIND change your LIFE!      
As alwayss thanks for hanging out with me on this ahhmazing new FriYay. Don’t forget to check out our new arrivals listed here on sadeglamour.com