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Following your dreams

Following your dreams

Often times we dream of things that we want to accomplish in life. We fall asleep with it on our minds and wake up with it on our minds in the morning. That is no coincidence. That is simply your calling for you to do what God put in you to do. That dream is your destiny. When you just can’t seem to get it off your mind. Go after it. Go for every single thing that your heart desires. Make your dreams come true so that you can help make other people’s dreams come true. In life we help ourselves first and then also seek to help others. Read below some of my most powerful go to mantras for accomplishing my dreams.

•I am powerful beyond all measures

•There are no limitations in my life

•My only limit is ME

•All of my dreams and goals are coming true

•I am manifesting everything that I thought I would

•Happiness surrounds me

•I have so much success 

•I am me and that is my power