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7 Holiday Shopping Tips To Ease Your Shopping

7 Holiday Shopping Tips To Ease Your Shopping

Holiday Shopping Tips Blog Tips for the Holidays by Sade Glamour

1. Shop online! Shopping online has become one of the most safest and stress free shopping experiences to ever have. So, if you have a computer or a smart phone.. shop online in the comfort of your own home. Save money on gas, you’ll never have to worry about finding a parking space and you can do it all in your Pj’s. If you haven’t yet, check out my previous blog post on “10 Benefits of Shopping Online.” 

2. Snag your most comfortable top and pair it with your favorite pair of dark denim washed jeans.

3. Jeans are good to wear as they will have tight deep pockets should you need to place anything valuable inside of your pants pockets. Comfy fitted sweat pants are also good if you really want that little extra comfort while shopping and moving about.

4.  Choosing a purse. Choose a purse that is a cross body style. This way you can put the strap over your head and shoulder. Be sure to bring the actual purse to the front of you and don’t leave it behind you. Though, it may be more comfortable leaving it behind you, putting your bag in the front of your body will give you full control over your wallet, keys and all other valuable things inside. Your eyes will be on it at all times.   With crowded malls and lots of money being spent way more than often at this time of the year, the snakes will also be out to grab your personal belongings any chance they get.  

5.  Make a list and check it twice. So, before you leave your house or type in the website to your favorite store make a gift list. You don’t want to spend all of your coins before the new year comes in. That will be overspending.  Stick to your goals, only spend money from your holiday funds (if you have one..If you don’t have a specific holiday funds account or envelope with money in it to spend, that you put aside just for your holiday shopping then this is the perfect time to start one).  You’ll want to write down the names of everyone you’re shopping for this year. Next to each persons name put a square box so that you can check off their names once you’ve found and purchased their gift(s). Write down next to their name what you are going to buy them ahead of time. This way you will not purchase anything extra. You will be sticking to your list and you’ll have a few extra coins to buy yourself something nice for the holidays.  What better time to shop than now! 

6.  Be sure to eat before you start your shopping. The mind must be fresh and well rested in order to make good decisions. Depending on the duration of your shopping day carefully plan out if and when you will eat during your shopping experience. When shopping online be sure to completely finish your orders and don’t leave anything on your “most loved list” inside of the shopping cart online. Items run out fast. It just may be snatched completely out of your shopping cart by another customer on site at the time. So select your items, add to cart, CHECK OUT and then go eat!! 🤗

7.  When shopping in store, always count the amount of shopping bags you have with you at numerous times of the day. Combine any of the smaller bags together, putting them inside of the larger bags. Keep a close eye on them and do not put them down on the floor beside you while you eat. Avoid putting them underneath the table as well. You may get up and forget that they are there. 


8.  Save all of your receipts and if necessary get gift receipts.

 Happy shopping be safe and be sure to check out our amazing deals online now at

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