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18 Self Affirmations

Hello all!
Life can be hard sometimes. It does not always flow like a breeze in the air. Speak some of my favorite affirmations ALOUD (or to yourself if you have to) DAILY, believe in them and watch how your life changes.
1. I am happy
2. I have the devine power to change my life
3. My destiny is what I make it
4. I love myself 
5. I will work hard and not stop
6. It may be hard to do but it is not impossible 
7. I aim high to make my dreams a reality
8. I believe in myself
9. I am powerful
10. I love what I do and if I don't I am changing it 
11. I will not do anything that I do not love
12. When life throws me lemons, I will catch them and make lemonade
13. I will work hard at making my life into the life I've always dreamed of
14. It's okay to start over
15. I will consistantly work on my mindset
16. I truly belive in myself
17. I am a work in progress
18. I am living my best life